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Mold destroys your home and health

Humid climate in Bali and construction specifics create ideal conditions for mold growth
Ubud and central areas of the island are in a special risk group
There are more than 200.000 species of mold.
Even if you don't see mold and don't smell it, it's there
Mold causes allergies, breathing problems, and other illnesses
Breathing problems
Living in a moldy environment can cause breathing problems. Mold spores settle in the lungs and bronchi, leading to nasal congestion, prolonged bronchitis, cough, sore throat, and allergies
Regular cleaning is not enough
Self-removal of mold not only does not help get rid of it but also stimulates the spread of spores. This is a protective mechanism of mold and fungi. Mold often hides in the pores of surfaces and becomes noticeable only by forming colonies
Mold is dangerous for children
Mold can affect children's cognitive development
Cognitive impact
Children are more sensitive, leading to skin rashes and circulation problems
Mold can trigger allergies and asthma, causing coughing and wheezing
Breathing issues

Ecologically safe

Sterilization eliminates all types of mold and fungi, their spores, viruses, and bacteria within the treated area. It is safe for your home and health
We only use certified, verified products and technologies for mold elimination
We aim to minimize the impact of chemicals on the environment and human health
MoldOff.pro Company
3D Treatment
We use a 3D dry fog nebulizer to spray the finest particles. This ensures sterilization of every cubic millimeter of the room
We use highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide in precise dispersion. This ensures safe and environmentally friendly sterilization by breaking down the proteins and DNA of microorganisms
Veterinary clinics
Opera theaters and much more
This process has helped hundreds of clients in Bali and Europe
Sterilization of business buildings in Europe
The process is used by
Hydrogen peroxide is biodegradable and converts to water and oxygen within 2 hours, leaving no traces on surfaces

Our process

We come to your home to assess the extent of contamination
We calculate the cost of the procedure specifically for you
We schedule the date and time for the treatment
We conduct the treatment procedure
You can come back to your home after 2 hours following the completion of the treatment procedure
There is no need to vacate the house for long

Online cost calculation

*The indicated price is preliminary; the exact cost of the service will be calculated after the site visit for measurements and assessment.
Minimum order — 600.000,00 Rp. + transfer
Ceiling height
Is the room completely closed?
What our clients say
Clean and safe for children's health
Mold.Off service is a find for caring parents. My children often get sick due to allergies, so cleaning and fighting mold are especially important for us. Subscribing to this service solved all our problems - now our home is always clean and safe for children's health. Thank you very much for your work and care for us! We will bring more friends :)
No more discomfort and even headaches
Many thanks to the Mold.Off team for their work in eliminating mold odor. This smell was not only unpleasant but also caused discomfort and even headaches for me and my family. After contacting the service, their specialists carried out high-quality treatment, and now it's even hard to remember how unpleasant it was to be in that room before. Very happy with the result!
No smell!
We struggled for a long time to get rid of mold in the house, tried various means and methods, but either they didn't give a long-term result, or they were too chemical and caused allergic reactions for us and the children. But one treatment from Mold.Off solved everything! The smell completely disappeared! We are thinking about subscribing, if only they would offer more discounts :)
We can be sure that our home is always clean and mold-free
I am very satisfied with the work of the Mold.Off service! We have a small child with allergies at home, so cleanliness is very important to us. Thanks to the subscription to this service, we can be sure that our home is always clean and mold-free. They work promptly, efficiently, and professionally. Thank you for taking care of our health!
Get a subscription!
We have been using Mold.Off services for several months now, and the results are simply amazing! My son suffered from mold allergies, but thanks to the regular treatment of the premises by this service, his health has noticeably improved. It is very convenient that you can buy a subscription and forget about moisture and mold problems. I recommend it to everyone!
Now we sleep like babies ourselves, and we are not embarrassed in front of our friends :)
I am very pleased with the result of MoldOff.pro's work in eliminating mold odor in our villa. This unpleasant smell had been a problem for a long time, and we had tried various methods to deal with it, but nothing gave a stable result. Mold.Off service handled the task excellently! Now we sleep like babies ourselves, and we are not embarrassed in front of our friends :) Thank you for your professionalism and efficiency!
The result exceeded our expectations
Robert & Kat
We are very satisfied with the services of Mold.Off! Before moving into the new villa, we decided to turn to this service for treating the premises for mold and unpleasant odors. The result exceeded our expectations - the house became fresh and odorless, making us feel comfortable here. We are very grateful to your team for the excellent work.
The results of the work simply amazed me!
I am the owner of a small guesthouse and decided to turn to Mold.Off for treatment of the premises before the influx of guests. The results of the work simply amazed me! I am very satisfied with the quality of service and professionalism of the MoldOff.pro team. Now I will be contacting them regularly to maintain cleanliness and comfort in our establishment. Thank you very much for your excellent service!

Subscribe to prevent mold from returning

In Bali, the humid climate contributes to the spread of mold fungus
For effective home safety maintenance, we recommend conducting procedures once a month
3 treatments
You can opt for individual sterilization procedures or choose a subscription-based maintenance service - we have options tailored to your needs.
(3 months)
6 treatments
(6 months)
9 treatments
(9 months)
12 treatments
(1 year)

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